Classified ADs are simply better when used online for both consumers and advertisers.

  1. It is easier for consumers to find what they are looking for:

  2. It is easier to search & browse online;

  3. It is more effective to qualify interest when listings contain more descriptive information (e.g., more text, photos, virtual tours, etc.); and

  4. It is quicker to make contact (just drop a seller an email).

For sellers, online listings are free and cost nothing:

  1. Ads can be listed free and no cost involved;

  2. It is easier to accept inbound requests via email (using an anonymous screen name);

  3. Listings attract better prospects when they contain more descriptive information; and

  4. Advertisers can edit or delete a listing at any time.

Environmental friendly:

  1. we can save a lot of flyer, paper, trees.

  2. and make our environment cleaner:)


There are many classifieds websites out there, after using them, I am not really happy with them.

Here are some of the reasons:

  1. They are Not Free.

  2. Too many ads pop up

  3. Tedious registration and login process

  4. Difficult to find the useful information

  5. Too much rubbish there

We decided to create one to solve these problems. was born.

Contact us:

We would like to hear from you, If you have any comment and suggestion, please feel free to contact us at support @

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