Convert VHS-C Video Tape to Mp4/DVD/Digital in Singapore -90660631

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VHS-C is the compact VHS format introduced in 1981 and used primarily for consumer-grade compact camcorders. The format is based on the same videotape as is used in VHS, and can be played back in a standard VHS VCR with an adapter. Though quite inexpensive, the format is largely obsolete even as a consumer standard and has been replaced in the marketplace by digital video formats, which offer smaller form factors and better video quality.

The magnetic tape on VHS-C cassettes is wound on one main spool and used a sort of a gear wheel which moves the tape forward. It can also be moved by hand and so is the spool. This development hampered the sales of the Betamax system somewhat, because the Betamax cassette geometry prevented a similar development.

To preserve your precious video in the VHS-C tape, convert/digitize it to high qulity DVD-video or Mp4 (Digital). Call 65-90660631 for conversion service.

Tangerine Associate
Blk 197 Rivervale Drive Singapore 540197
(next to Rivervale Mall)
Reg. no. 52840557L

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Convert VHS-C Video Tape to Mp4/DVD/Digital in Singapore -90660631

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