Have Your WIN with Rocket Method™ Trading Live Seminar

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Have Your WIN with Rocket Method™ Trading Live Seminar

Make Steady Profits Safely & Profitably

Using Rocket Method™ to Beat Bear Market & Inflation!

with Stable S&P 500 Index

What we all need is a simple method to build an additional source to give us the ability to provide for ourselves and loved ones! And the good news is ... this message will show you exactly how to do that!

I Know The Frustrations & Problems Most Have Are ...

-Lack of Time as most people are busy working in 9 to 5 professions (You only need 2 hours!)
-Lack of $$$ (The good news is you can start with low capital)

Veteran Traders...

-Find their method is not working in current markets
-When 1 trade wipes out all the profits of the past multiple trades
-When you find your stops keep getting taken out
-Most have No step by step consistent method and system to guide them in trade selection & profit taking
-No Consistent Help & Support in Answering Questions

Most Beginners...

-Do not know where to start, which method or idea is suitable and safe for them to begin building a second source
-Confused by so many different options available and think that trading is very complicated
-Experience difficulty in setting up technology

Marcus Tay is revealing the solution Rocket Method™ that helped him and Others build an additional source for the past 19 years.

What Will Be Revealed In This FREE 2-Hrs, Content Packed LIVE Webinar:

1) Most Ideal, Reliable & Affordable Choice to Build a 2nd Income Source. Why S&P 500 Index Futures is the choice compared to other instruments.

2) Be Free from Market Manipulation. The Index is Regulated, Fair and Lesser Chance for Manipulation by Market Makers. It is Highly Transparent.

3) It Is Profitable in Rising or Falling Markets. S&P 500 Index has good volatility and daily range so you can profit from any direction.

4) Multiple Opportunities. How using *Volume Charts* makes it possible to have multiple opportunities to enter a trade within 2 hrs of trading from 930-1130pm GMT+0800.

5) Build a Successful 2nd Income Source made simple with our 3 Steps "REP" System. Risk Management to protect your capital. Edge providing high probability trade setups. Winner's Psychology for long term success.

6) Be Spot-On about the Market Trends and Direction. Why you need to master Price Action method.

7) Saves you Tons of Time. Why Rocket Method™ saves you tons of time as there is NO NEED to market research, keep up with news or learn complicated technical indicators. Just Focus on 1 Index.

8) A Demo using Rocket Method™ to enter and exit a trade! (Must Catch This!)

Free Bonus Ebook "Rocket Method Trading: Day Trading Made Simple" For Webinar Attendees! Selling on Amazon for $27

Register Now!

51 Cuppage Road #03-03 (Former Starhub building)
Singapore 229469

22 Sep Thu, 7.30-9.30pm
24 Sep Sat, 1.30-3.30pm
28 Sep Wed, 7.30-9.30pm


Do invite your partner or friends too, simply forward to them the above link to register.

Tel : 6100-1236
Have Your WIN with Rocket Method™ Trading Live Seminar
Have Your WIN with Rocket Method™ Trading Live Seminar
Have Your WIN with Rocket Method™ Trading Live Seminar

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